hangover series #3

Hangover Series #3

The Main Culprits: Existence of Congeners and Changes in Cytokines’ Concentration The last two suspects are the main culprits causing your hangover. In the alcohol that you consume, there are other compounds other than ethanol, known as congeners, and it includes methanol. Methanol breaks down to form Methanal (a toxic formaldehyde) and lastly to Methanoic …

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Hangover Series #2

Hangover Series #2

The Minor Suspects: Dehydration and Ethanal Formation In the earlier post, we learnt about the process undergone after consuming alcohol. We could then observe closer the first two minor suspects of hangover: alcohol’s diuretic effect and the formation of Ethanal. Consuming alcohol will reduce the release of antidiuretic hormone (ADH) resulting in the increase of …

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Firstly, let’s observe the process from your alcohol intake until it is washed out from our body. Alcohol a.k.a. Ethanol is converted to Ethanal and then to Ethanoate by the respective enzymes. At its final stage, Ethanoate or acetate is broken down to our dear friends carbon dioxide and water, ready to be eliminated from …



Melawan Mabuk Dengan Vitamin B

Melawan Mabuk Dengan Vitamin Bs Anda mungkin sudah mengetahui bahwa alkohol adalah diuretik – ini meningkatkan produksi urine, dan Anda akan kehilangan banyak vitamin dan nutrisi. Sebagai tanggapannya, orang melawan efek ini dengan meningkatkan asupan kompleks vitamin B dan, sebanyak mungkin, mengonsumsi lebih banyak vitamin B12 karena ini meningkatkan fungsi otak dan sistem saraf, terutama …

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