IV Therapies

The solution for a quick hangover recovery. Combining liquid, medicine, vitamin and oxygen. A complete package for your hangover recovery.

No need to worry, our Bali Belly IV or Traveler’s Diarrhea therapy will help to treat your dehydration and help you to recover speedily.

What you need most when having dehydration due to sports, travelling, or sun bathing.

Intended to restore your vitamin and nutrition level, refresh your physical appearance and to revitalize your overall well-being.

Medical Services

Our services include in-house doctor check one in the clinic and also House Call Doctor which comprises a home visit service to provide the healthcare treatment that you may need at your house, villa or hotel.

We have a comprehensive list of Lab Test options for you to choose depending on your medical condition. We offer both options for an in-house test or on-call test services.

Stay up to date on your vaccines and stay protected against Dengue Fever, Influenza, Hepatitis A and B, and many more! Consult our team today to discuss your vaccination needs and book your appointment with us.

About Saline Bali


The Saline Method

IV Therapy is now trending in Western countries and growing in Asia. Unlike oral therapy, this intravenous therapy is unique and promising many benefits. In general, intravenous therapy will take effect faster than having oral medicines.

Saline itself means liquid containing mainly electrolytes that are the same as our body fluids. By combining it with Vitamins and medicines for dehydration, hangover, traveler diarrhoea and general fatigue, recovery will be faster and more effective.

Today is the era of the 4.0 Industry

We adapt with the technological advances and being efficient, we offer homecare services that are easily accessible.

We are working 7 days a week from 8am to 10pm. We also work overtime when necessary with additional overtime costs. We accept payments via cash, transfer and card, making it easier for you in all transactions.


Assurance of Safety

We consist of Indonesian certified doctors and nurses who highly uphold the spirit of professionalism and we keep our service quality to be excellent and trustworthy. Moreover, the medicines that we use are legal and safe as they are registered and also in accordance to guidelines of Indonesia's Food and Drug Administration.

*(Ikatan Dokter Indonesia)



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