Bali Belly Treatment

Bali belly treatment refers to the first steps in treating people with illnesses related to Bali Belly. These include the illnesses that are often experienced by tourists who come to Bali to do tours or travel. For those of you who often visit Bali, of course, the term “Bali Belly” has been a unique term that explains stomach discomfort when you are in Bali. Even if you have experienced this, a person who has this disease usually comes with concerns related to stomach cramp, nausea and increasing frequency of going to the toilet due to diarrhea.

When you experience it or maybe your friend is experiencing this disease, you need to get treatment as soon as possible, so you can return to enjoying your precious holiday time in Bali. But ultimately, do you know how to treat this disease? There are several ways you can do so that you can recover. Let us pay attention to the discussions below to deepen our understanding on this matter. 

5 Best Bali Belly Treatment

5 Best Bali Belly Treatment

In treating Bali belly, there are several methods of treatment that you can try. From doing treatment with herbal or oral medicines from the nearest doctor or pharmacy, to some types of treatments that are mentioned below:

1.    Herbal Teas

The initial step that can be applied to treat this is to use herbal treatment methods, such as giving warm tea drinks to patients. Warm tea that is given will help to reduce the nauseous feeling and give an extra energy when we mix it with sugar.

2.   Increase mineral water consumption

The main symptoms of Bali Belly is usually vomiting and diarrhea, where it means that we will lose a lot of liquid and electrolyte, depending on the frequency of vomit and diarrhea. Drinking sufficient mineral water is a necessary step to treat Bali Belly as it will help to replenish the loss liquid due to vomiting and diarrhea. Avoid drinking Coke; while Coke may give energy for our body, the soda content will worsen our digestive system when we are experiencing Bali Belly.

3.    Top up your Electrolytes

Electrolytes are important substances in your body and these substances usually consist of potassium, calcium and  magnesium. When we suffer from Bali Belly, we are experiencing vomiting and diarrhea, where our electrolytes will exit together with the liquid from our bodies. This is why we need to replace the loss electrolytes to keep our metabolism balance. The loss electrolyte could make us feel dehydrated and weak. To replace it we can drink isotonic drinks such as Pocari Sweat, as these kinds of beverages have higher electrolyte content than normal mineral water. 

4.  Anti-diarrhea medication for adults

You can also prepare a type of medicine that can help prevent diarrhea, especially in adults, because diarrhea is a common disease that is also often when travelling to new places. So, you can come prepared with this type of anti-diarrhea medicine when you go on a tour. There are many types of anti-diarrhea drugs that you can buy at pharmacies, such as Diatabs, Imodium and so on.

5.    IV Therapy

Intravenous or IV therapy is a method of treatment that is carried out by medical professionals including a team of  nurse and doctors. In principle this method could give a quick effect because it usually uses an injection and an IV set to deliver liquid and medication directly through the bloodstream. This treatment is usually given when a person needs a lot of fluid quickly, such as those who are dehydrated and has lost a lot of liquid, and this is where giving them IV treatment is the most effective and efficient solution compared to oral medication. This is also applicable to patients who are under the treatment in hospitals.

You can do IV therapy when having Bali Belly under the assistance and help of medical professionals who are highly experienced. This treatment will help you recover from Bali Belly to continue on your holidays in Bali.

Bali Belly First Aid Kit List to Take to Bali

Bali Belly First Aid Kit List to Take to Bali

Are you currently planning to visit Bali as a tourist destination with your family? It is then important to prepare some first aid kits that might help provide quick aid when you experience Bali Belly.

1.    Hydralite tabs

Hydralite tabs is a medicinal product that can replace the intake of minerals or fluids in the body. You can use this when you experience a lot of vomiting which leads to a lot of fluid and electrolyte loss. In other cases, you also need this when you have diarrhea which causes the level of fluid and electrolyte in your body to drop drastically. Because the disease can cause vomiting and diarrhea, you can prepare this medicinal product before starting on your journey in Bali.

2.    Paractamol

For those of you who bring children on this trip, of course, you also need to prepare medicine if you or your kids experience Bali Belly, and paracetamol is an example of a medicine that can be taken anywhere. The content of this medicine include pain relievers which can reduce pain in children when experiencing diarrhea due to Bali Belly. Sometimes people can also have Bali Belly coupled with fever and thus having this medicine ready is a great solution to help relieve the fever when it comes as well. It is also handy in case of other situations that cause high fever on you or your children.

3.    Buscopan

This type of medicine is usually consumed by adults. This medication contains Hyoscine-N-Butylbromide and is proven to help reduce pain in the digestive system. When experiencing Bali Belly, one of the symptoms are stomach pain and cramp. This is due to the fast bowel movement which leads to cramp and pain. This medicine will help to reduce the speed of bowel movement and also decrease the frequency of movement, thus help to alleviate the stomach cram. When combined with paracetamol they will really help to combat the stomach cramp and pain that we experience. 

Finding Chemists in Bali

Finding Chemists in Bali

Basically, the treatment for this disease could start from the basic step of finding the closest pharmacy to get some oral medications. However, sometimes it is not the most convenient solution especially if you are a tourist coming from another country who is not very familiar with the area. You may find it hard to communicate around, let alone find your way to get to the pharmacy. It may require some time, and time is really an asset during this dire situation. Taking this into account, we would like to recommend a trusted pharmacy that you can find easily around Bali: Guardian Chemists or Kimia Farma

Both of them are pharmacies that offer services and help for you to buy medicines and they are available in various places in Bali. If you experience Bali Belly, then you can search for the address of this place and immediately consult your illness to be handled by a pharmacist to help you get the suitable medication. Guardian Chemists or Kimia Farma are located all over the areas in Bali, and they are usually available 24 hours and also open on holidays such as year-end holidays. You can save their address that is the closest to your location to help you when you need some medications.How long does Bali Belly lastHow long does Bali Belly last?

As previously explained, this disease is caused by contamination of food, drink and an unclean environment. So many harmful germs or viruses can attack you at any time, and in this case they mainly attack our digestive system. By looking at the source and the background of the occurrence of this disease, normally this disease can last 4-7 days. However when you experience Bali Belly longer than that, or if you feel overly dehydrated, you may want to meet a doctor quickly at the nearest clinic to get the treatment that will help you recover faster.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bali Belly Treatment

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Bali Belly is a common term used to describe gastrointestinal symptoms such as diarrhea, stomach cramps, and nausea that travelers may experience while visiting Bali or other parts of Indonesia.

Bali Belly is often caused by ingesting contaminated food or water. Bacteria, viruses, or parasites in food and water can cause the infection.

The symptoms of Bali Belly include diarrhea, stomach cramps, nausea, vomiting, fever, and dehydration.

Bali Belly can be treated with medication to relieve symptoms and prevent dehydration. Antibiotics may be prescribed for severe cases.

Bali Belly usually lasts between 24-48 hours, but it can take up to a week for the symptoms to completely disappear.

You can prevent Bali Belly by practicing good hygiene, such as washing your hands regularly, avoiding street food, and only drinking bottled or filtered water.

If you have severe symptoms or if your symptoms persist for more than a few days, it is recommended that you seek medical attention.

Bali Belly is not usually contagious, but the infection can be spread through contact with contaminated food or water.

Bali Belly is a common ailment among travelers to Indonesia, but it should not ruin your vacation. With proper treatment and hydration, most people recover quickly.

In most cases, Bali Belly is not a serious condition and can be treated easily. However, severe cases can lead to dehydration and may require medical attention.

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