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Your wellness is our duty!

We cater especially to you who are staying here for a long time or coming to Bali for holiday. We understand that some days you could catch that unexpected cold or your adrenaline adventures brought back some wounds, or perhaps your day trip to the beautiful Ubud in between the rice fields has given not only beautiful memories but some scratches on your skin leading to rashes. We got it covered!
With our service, you will enjoy the comfort of our treatment at your own hotel or villa, leaving behind the hassle and skyrocketing prices that you may get from normal hospital treatment here. We strive to offer high quality on-call medical service with an affordable rate. Alternatively, you can also enjoy our services at the closest clinic branch near your area.

We aim to help you to get back to your vacation plans or your daily routine faster with all the conveniences of just calling us and having all the facilities come to your doorsteps.

Please note that we boast for this extra mile service on coming to your area and also at our clinic. The treatments that we cover are minor diseases, not emergencies or life-threatening diseases. If that is your case, we advise that you contact the local hospital immediately.


The common services / illnesses our General Practitioners treat area:

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