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PCR test places in Bali ? This is the 5 tips for choosing the best place!

The PCR test is one of the requirements applied to a visit to Bali. This rule has been in effect since the outbreak of COVID-19 in Indonesia. However, this regulation is no longer valid because the government has concessions for visitors. These rules were circulated by the Government of Indonesia and the Government of the province of Bali so that the latest regulations for PCR are no longer enforced to enter Bali. More details are explained in the following circular.

In the circular from the Covid-19 Task Force number 24 of 2020, as well as a letter from the Ministry of Transportation number 82 of 2022, for Bali visitors who have carried out the third or booster vaccine, there is no need to show the results of the PCR test again, this rule is also made for children aged 6 – 17 years old, it is enough to attach proof of the second vaccine to enter Bali.

The outbreak of the Coronavirus, or Covid 19, shook the world, and the people of Indonesia felt it too. Since it was announced in 2020, Indonesia has been very committed to dealing with this global outbreak. For this reason, the rules for PCR testing and vaccination in Indonesia are necessary to enter Bali.

As we know, Bali is famous as an area that is the best tourist destination in the world. Tourists who come are certainly not only from Indonesia but also from various countries. Travelling using land, sea and air transportation will require requirements that comply with new regulations from the Indonesian government. Visitors who have received a booster vaccine do not need a PCR test anymore, but those who have not must still show the result of PCR test for Covid-19.

For visitors who are in Bali and its surroundings, of course, they already know the best place to do this test. Still, those outside Bali must pay attention to essential things in choosing a place to do this PCR test. Here are some tips that need to be considered in choosing the best location to do a PCR test for those who don’t have a third or booster vaccine.

5 Tips For Choosing A Place For The PCR Test Bali

5 Tips For Choosing A Place For The PCR Test Bali

  1. Before doing the PCR Bali, ensure the vaccination is complete.
  2. Make sure the test service provider is responsible for the results.
  3. The examination laboratory must also be trusted.
  4. Choosing a laboratory with a reference in the PCR and Swab test.
  5. The available laboratories are supported by expert supervisors who know the inspection rules.

Some of the tips above can be a reference for visitors who want to enter Bali. Determining the best place to do a PCR test is essential, which will help reduce losses in conducting tests. Most patients who wish to do the test tend not to pay attention to this little thing, and in the end, the results obtained are not as desired. To get test results in Bali, it must be done in certain places that provide PCR-based body examination services. In more detail, the following is a discussion of tips every patient should pay attention to.

1. Before doing the PCR Bali, ensure the vaccination is complete

If you already have a third or booster vaccine, you don’t need to do a test to enter Bali. Keep in mind that if visitors bring children aged 6 to 17, it is enough to show only the second vaccine.

2. Make Sure The Test Service Provider Is Responsible For The Results

This case may be rare. However, there is still a possibility because the person conducting the examination is a human who may be able to make mistakes in the test.

3. The Examination Laboratory Must Also Be Trusted

The examination laboratory must also be trusted, as is the importance of licensed medical personnel. Of course, the examination laboratory must also have a license for PCR test examinations because most tourist sites in Bali will attach significance to this. The goal is to ensure the safety of other visitors, and reliable laboratories can be responsible for the results they produce for patients.

4. Choosing a Laboratory With a Reference In The PCR And Swab Test

Choosing a laboratory with a reference in the PCR and Swab test aims to ensure the available quota can be carried out according to the agreed time. As we know, the number of visitors to Bali is very high, so there is a possibility that the number of patients will increase rapidly.

5. The Available Laboratories Are Supported By Expert Supervisors Who Know The Inspection Rules

This is also important to ensure standardization of inspections, and the supervisors can be carried out by experts who the government has guaranteed.
The importance of the above tips is to maintain and regulate the success and guarantee of a test service; a lack of understanding of the examination rules will harm every patient, especially those who come from outside the city or even abroad, and laboratory errors will be detrimental in terms of time and even the costs that have been incurred.

Is The Bali PCR Test Expensive

Is The Bali PCR Test Expensive?

The Bali PCR Swab Test is often a question of the costs to be incurred because we know that Bali is one of the areas that is a tourist attraction and holiday destination for families from Domestic and even International. So how much the PCR test cost is a question that often arises in the community. However, it should be understood that the price for the PCR Swab test in Bali is the same as in other cities. Because the PCR test Bali price has become a government regulation in Indonesia, so it will not be different from other cities, even though Bali is a famous tourist city in Indonesia.

The PCR test Bali 24 hours is ready in some clinics, such as SalineBali or other clinics or hospitals, have the same 24 hours service for the Bali PCR test, only different the time it takes to find out the results, and even then, it depends on the needs, the more time we can provide for that then the cost of the Bali PCR test or PCR swab test Bali can also be cheaper.

Even though the coronavirus has begun to be controlled, we must continue to maintain health and prioritize safety together so that this epidemic is entirely over.

Frequently Asked Question about PCR Test Bali

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PCR Test or Polymerase Chain Reaction Test is a laboratory test to detect the presence of genetic material from cells, bacteria, or viruses.

The difference between the two tests is examination result accuracy, inspection time, and costs to be incurred.

No test can be 100% sure. PCR tests are the gold standard for COVID-19. The results can be as close to 100% accurate in diagnosing the infected person. Although the exact accuracy of this test is unknown, tests have shown that they are 99% accurate.

As for PCR, the examination will be carried out in 2 to 3 hours and up to 1 day or more, but please note the PCR examination takes longer because it requires more samples.

Swab means the act of taking sample by the process of swabbing at the nasopharynx. PCR is the technique of detecting virus from the sample taken after the process of swab.

A PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test is a diagnostic tool used to detect the presence of viral genetic material, such as the SARS-CoV-2 virus responsible for COVID-19. In Bali, PCR tests are used to screen travelers and residents for COVID-19 to help control the spread of the virus and maintain public health.

PCR tests are available at numerous clinics, hospitals, and dedicated testing centers throughout Bali. Some popular locations include Ngurah Rai International Airport, Siloam Hospitals, BIMC Hospital, and Prima Medika Hospital. It's recommended to check the most up-to-date information on testing sites as availability may change.

The cost of a PCR test in Bali varies depending on the testing center and whether you require expedited results. Prices generally range from IDR 900,000 to IDR 2,000,000 (approximately $60 to $140 USD). Some facilities may offer discounts for Indonesian citizens or residents.

The turnaround time for PCR test results in Bali typically ranges from 24 to 48 hours, although some facilities may offer expedited results within a few hours for an additional fee. Be sure to confirm the estimated turnaround time with the testing center when scheduling your test.

If you test positive for COVID-19 in Bali, follow the guidance provided by local health authorities. This may include self-isolation, seeking medical attention, and informing close contacts. Be prepared to follow any additional regulations or requirements, such as mandatory quarantine or additional testing.

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