Dengue Fever Package


Dengue Fever Package

Bali is an island with tropical climate; mosquito’s favourite habitat and during our rainy season, it is the breeding time for dengue fever mosquitos. When we have dengue fever it is indeed troublesome and sometimes it could be dangerous. Dengue fever is an illness caused by virus with symptoms such as high fever for 3-4 days, headache, weakness and red spots breakout on both arm and legs. Dengue Fever treatment includes keeping fluid intake and treating the symptoms that you have. At Saline Bali, we provide IV Drip treatment that specifically address the needs of dengue fever patient, to help you pass through your days with dengue fever safely. Kindly look through our packages below.

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IDR 2,3 M  |  USD 167  |  AUD 240
  • Living in this tropical paradise Should raise our alarm of the risk of dengue fever. This Packages specially made to help you in case of dengue fever. With manly hydration and anti-fever medication along with multivitamins, this package will help your recovery process.
  • 1000 ml Hydration
    IV Anti-Fever
    IV Stomach Protector
    IV Anti-Nause
    Vitamin B Complex Drip
    Multivitamin Drip
    Oral Medication
    Laboratory Test
    Insurance Report

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