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Four Herbal Hangover Cures That Are Easy To Find in Bali

Hangover cure Bali is a kind of body neutralizer that can be taken when someone experiences excessive hangovers in Bali. Drunkenness can occur due to consuming alcoholic beverages. The activity of drinking alcoholic drinks is undoubtedly dangerous for someone if done excessively. In this condition, a person will feel dizzy, dehydrated, weak, will have muscle ache, headache, will be nauseous and will even vomit.

The above symptoms will happen when a person has alcohol intoxication, where the body will have imbalance immune system particularly in the cytokine system. Someone experiencing a hangover, or a headache can certainly be cured by consuming medicines that are suitable for the after effect of drunkenness on the market. However, some people also often use herbal remedies to help relieve the effects of hangovers. Among which the herbal remedies are as follows.

herbal hangover cure

  1. Honey
  2. Coconut water
  3. Tomato juice
  4. Banana

These herbal solutions are relatively easy to find, and even many are sold in the nearest convenience store. To better understand the use of this type of herbal hangover medicine, we should discuss it further in depth.

1. Honey

Drinking excessive alcohol could have hypoglycemics effect, which in turn causing symptoms such as headache, fatigue and impaired attention. Honey contains fructose which can help to increase glucose level in our bodies, which dropped due to excessive alcohol consumption. This makes honey one of the best chosen solutions.

The low-calorie content and all the natural mineral present in coconut water are very effective in curing hangover. This content can help to reduce dehydration that happens when suffering from alcohol intoxication. When we consume too much alcohol, our bodies will suffer from dehydration which is caused by the loss of liquid and mineral from the evaporation via our skin and also due to too much urination.

3. Tomato juice

As we know, tomatoes are rich in nutritional content; lots of vitamins and calories in tomatoes will help relieve hangovers that are caused by alcohol. When these tomatoes are mixed with honey and made into juice, it will even be more beneficial. The content of fructose and vitamin in tomato juice will work faster together to help reducing the effects of toxins in alcohol, the main culprit that made a person drunk and having hangover as the after effect of the drunkenness.

4. Banana

A drunk person tends to feel intense nausea and having the urge of throwing something up from his mouth. In this process, we need nutrients such as potassium to hold and dampen the push from the stomach. One of the fruits that is rich in potassium is banana. Thus, when a person has hangover, consuming this fruit will act as a hangover cure from excessive alcohol intake.

This type of hangover cure with herbal method using fruits or plants are easy to find in everyday life, from traditional markets to the nearest supermarket. We believe that this herbal method is safe because the content of these fruits and plants are proven to be healthy and safe for consumption. Nevertheless, a person who is experiencing hangover can also be appeased in various and more straightforward ways and this herbal solution is more suitable for mild to moderate alcohol intoxication

How do I stop being sick from a hangover?

Someone experiencing a hangover, or a headache can certainly be cured by consuming medicines that are suitable for the after effect of drunkenness on the market. However, some people also often use herbal remedies to help relieve the effects of hangovers.

What is the best hangover cure drink?

However, some people also often use herbal remedies to help relieve the effects of hangovers. Among which the herbal remedies are as follows; honey, coconut water, tomato juice.

How long does a hangover last?

Generally last for 12 until 72 hours vary-depends on the body systems or response with alcohol, but average around 12 hours.

Is a hangover just dehydration?

Dehydration and followed with electrolyte imbalance are two of the leading causes of your hangover symptoms.

What makes a hangover worse?

What made hangover felt worse is the amount of alcohol entering our bodies. It means our bodies will need time to digest and excrete it. The higher the alcohol content where our bodies are unable to process it, the worser the symptoms will be.

Here are some tips for you before taking a hangover cure Bali

Handling hangovers can be done by giving herbal or chemical hangover drugs discussed earlier. Still, before taking these drugs, some tips can be given to reduce the uncomfortable effects of hangovers. These are some suggestions.

  1. Consuming drinks containing caffeine

Drinks that are very rich in caffeine are tea and coffee; someone who experiences a hangover can take advantage of coffee or tea to reduce the feeling of a hangover after drinking drinks containing alcohol, as we know that caffeine can improve mood and neutralize excessive alcohol content. Therefore, before using hangover drugs, you can drink coffee and tea to reduce the effects of alcohol.

  1. Drinking water

Someone who has just drunk alcohol will certainly panic when they feel the effects of a hangover that causes a headache, so the question arises of how to cure hangovers quickly. One of the tips is to consume more fluids, such as water. This can be done to encourage the alcohol content in the body through urination, so increasing mineral water will undoubtedly help reduce nausea and treat hangover headaches more quickly.

  1. Increase carbohydrates in the body

Drinking alcohol can make a person forget to fill the stomach, whereas someone who lacks carbohydrates has low sugar levels that impact headaches and nausea. Consuming enough carbohydrates can restore lost stamina and is covered by alcohol levels. Therefore, someone who is experiencing a hangover can consume enough carbohydrates.

Some of these tips can be done to treat hangovers, and some of these tips can be used to treat it at home.

Intravenous (iv) Hangover Cure Bali

The best hangover cure is, of course, controlling our own behavior when it comes to alcohol. As we know the after effect of consuming too much alcohol, we need to control its consumption so that it does not cause harmful effects. However, even when we drink reasonably, there are those times when we were still affected the aftermath such as headaches or nausea. In that case, we can take advantage of herbal medicines and consider some of the tips above to help prevent it from happening, like being prepared for the effects of drinking and giving our bodies the necessary power to withstand any hangover symptoms. We have both in solutions in terms of treating and preventing the symptoms.

However, what if someone has consumed alcohol above and beyond his body limits and the natural hangover cure can’t work on him optimally? Or what if someone can’t actually stand the headache when drunk and needs to be treated immediately? In these cases, we can then resort to do Intravenous therapy or IV therapy.

This method is considered a faster hangover cure as it can restore the health and condition of a drunk person’s body quickly. Liquid IV hangover medicine is one type that is often used. This type via IV therapy must be carried out and supervised by medical professional to avoid things that are not desirable.

This therapy is done by inserting IV cannula into the vein and giving saline liquid through it. This therapy is called a hangover drip or hangover cure IV drip, and the name from the way the medicines are given, by dripping it from the bag of saline right into your vein.

This therapy can be carried out in our Saline Bali clinic or hospitals and will be carried out by nurse or doctors who already understand its implementation. The effect of this method will be felt very quickly because all of the liquid, the medicines or vitamins that are given from the IV drip will be absorbed fully (100%!) by our bodies. It is very different when consuming food or herbal or oral medications where it will need some time to be digested and not all will be effectively absorbed by our bodies.

herbal tablets for hangover

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