How To Avoid Bali Belly

How to avoid Bali belly ? Bali Belly is a digestive disorder that often occurs to tourists visiting Bali. As we know, Bali is a tourist destination in Indonesia that offers a wealth of natural sceneries and stunning panoramic views. Bali is a perfect vacation spot to spend it with friends, partners and family.

But behind all that beauty, sometimes when we are having our holidays in Bali, we could experience Traveler’s Diarrhea or what is famous amongst tourists as Bali Belly. When we experience this illness, we will feel stomach cramps and we will have diarrhea, which could also be accompanied with fever.

This disease is not a major threat for you to enjoy the beauty of Bali, but if you are on a vacation and you are feeling unwell when you are in it, of course, your trip will be less enjoyable. To tackle that, let’s pay attention to the causes of this disease, and know how to avoid Bali belly?. The following is an in-depth discussion.

Common causes of Bali Belly

Common causes of Bali Belly

In general, the basic causes for Bali Belly in a person is from the intake of food that could have been contaminated with germs or viruses.

These germs and viruses could attack our bodies. Firstly they would enter our bodies through the food or drinks that we consume, and they will cause problems to our digestive system when they are at that specific area, causing us to experience different types of digestive disorders.

To understand more about the causes of this disease in detail to how to avoid bali belly?, we need to consider the two main things that are the main causes of this.

1.    Contaminated food and water

When talking about the causes of this illness, it will be very closely related to the food or drink we consume. As we are enjoying our tour in Bali, if we don’t pay attention to the food we are consuming, we may not be fully aware when certain viruses or germs enter our body. In this case then, Bali belly is very easy to happen if you consume food that is contaminated with a virus or germ.

Therefore, if you are currently planning to visit Bali to enjoy the many tourist attractions, then pay attention to the food or drink you will be consuming, prioritize the level of cleanliness and the availability of clean and hygienic products.

2.    Poor hygiene

Hygiene does not only need to be considered for food or drinks, but environmental conditions are also important to pay attention to. It is crucial to make sure that the place where we live is kept clean. A person could be affected by this disease could also be caused by the low level of hygiene of the place where they live or where they have their activities.

To get a clean environment you need to start with yourself.  Don’t pile up dirty clothes, don’t throw garbage everywhere, always take a shower and wash your hands. These are some important steps that can help to prevent Bali Belly.

It is these two main factors that are important for you to remember, because Bali Belly is a type of disease caused by contamination of bacteria and viruses, so it can be concluded that the two main things above are important things that you need to ensure that you are enjoying your holiday in Bali.

7 Steps How To Avoid Bali Belly

7 Steps How To Avoid Bali Belly

If you are currently thinking about going on a vacation trip to Bali, then the tips below are important to remember to avoid getting Bali Belly.  These are the main things that you need to remember how to avoid bali belly during your trip.

1.    Wash hands frequently

The hand is one of the parts of the body that is used more often in various ways and is vulnerable to viruses that attach to it. You use it when you eat, drink, touch something, play on the beach until you finish from the toilet.

The hand is the part of the body that is used most often. Therefore, how to avoid bali belly to protect yourself, so that you are always protected from Bali Belly, wash your hands every time you finish doing something. Then by getting used to washing your hands, the frequency of viruses entering the body will be reduced.

2.    Boil your drinking water

Bali Belly generally attacks the digestive tract. So when drinking water, you need to ensure that the water is boiled first. When we boil the water, it is also proven to be able to kill the bacteria contained in it, so it will be more hygienic when consumed.

3.    Eating fruit salads in Bali

Consuming healthy food is also important for you to do, just like having a vegetable or fruit salad. The content of fruit and some vitamins in the fruit and vegetable will give your body a stronger immune system. With this, it can even help kill bacteria that have entered your body.

Try to eat it every day so that the body becomes fitter and you will be ready to enjoy this holiday moment in peace. However, please make sure that the fruit and vegetables are washed properly with clean water or mineral water before consuming them.

4.    Take a good look around

The surrounding environment includes the clothes you wear and also the condition of your living area. If your environment is clean, just imagine wearing clean clothes, which is a matter of importance to every one of us, then we can do our routine activities well.

The environment where you live will definitely affect your health. Therefore do pay attention to your environment, because this could be one of the ways to avoid getting Bali Belly disease.

5.    Foods to avoid in Bali

As one of the cities filled with natural wealth, of course, Bali has various types of food available for you. But do note that not all foods are suitable for your stomach, so first understand the food you want to eat, try to eat the food you usually eat.

Pay attention to the food that has many spices in it as its natural ingredients or basic ingredients. Also pay attention to food that has fruits, seafood and other particular content in it. You can first ask the restaurant waiter to find out the content of the food and then evaluate objectively if this will be suitable for you.

If not, you can avoid it first and perhaps after sometime when you are more used to the spices and the type of food in Bali, you can start to be more adventurous in terms of the food you try. Being mindful of what you eat and avoiding certain food, is also one of the efforts to prevent Bali Belly.

6.    Keep your mouth closed when showering

Simply put, when you take a shower, don’t let the water get into your mouth. This applies if you are bathing in a public place or a bathroom that is widely used, such as in hotels because the water from the tap is not potable in Bali. If you want to brush your teeth please use bottled mineral water that has a good quality and hygiene.

7.    Take a few travel-sized bottles of hand sanitiser

Hand sanitizer will help you keep your hands clean, bring a few bottles wherever you go and after touching something or doing activities, you can then use this to keep your hands clean.

How to prevent Bali Belly

How to prevent Bali Belly

As we have previously discussed, Bali belly is a type of disease that is commonly experienced by tourists in Bali. How to avoid Bali belly? is be started by ourselves, by paying attention to the food and drink consumed and prioritizing environmental hygiene.

This is the best way to prevent this Bali Belly. But if you are still affected by Bali Belly then immediately take medicines that could help you heal or you can contact medical personnels to seek help.

Several types of herbal medicines such as ginger, turmeric and fresh fruit are examples that you can consume, while for medicines you can look for them at the nearest pharmacy, such as paracetamol for fever reliever, antacids, attapulgite, and probiotic to help heal your digestive tract.

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