Bali belly IV Drip

Bali belly IV Drip

Bali belly IV Drip is a type of treatment performed by doctors, nurses or medical personnel who are experts in their field. This treatment is better known as Intravenous or IV drips, in which, in practice, the medicine and fluid will be inserted through injection into the vein for a faster and more effective effect. Still, it is necessary to remember that this treatment method is carried out when a person is already feeling dehydrated and has difficulty drinking oral medication due to nausea.

Technically, someone who has Bali Belly could get it from bacteria, viruses or parasites that attack the digestive system. The IV Drip method, which directly enters the medicine into the bloodstream, will reach the digestive system faster which will stop and kill the culprits causing Bali Belly.

In practice, Bali Belly IV Drip is recommended for patients suffering from diarrhea or vomiting and dehydration. Bali belly is a type of disease that may require Bali belly IV Drip treatment for its recovery.

Before discussing IV Drip in-depth, do you know about Bali belly? Or have you experienced this disease? In order to provide a thorough understanding, let’s discuss Bali Belly further.

What is Bali belly

What is Bali belly?

Bali Belly is a term that is often given when someone experiences stomach problems while in Bali. As a tourist destination in great demand both by domestic and foreign tourists, Bali offers several places that can satisfy the tourists who come.

Bali Belly is an illness that could be experienced by tourists in Bali, where sufferers experience digestive disorders caused by contamination of unhealthy food or drinks. A person affected by Bali Belly is usually marked experiencing nausea, headaches, diarrhea, and also fever.

If you are thinking about going for a vacation to Bali, then it is better to pay attention to various factors that can affect you and allow you to get Bali belly IV Drip. Among the many factors that are most often experienced is consuming food or drinks that are not clean so that food bacteria could enter our body and could disturb our digestive system. Apart from that, environmental factors are also essential to pay attention to because if your surroundings are not healthy or unclean, these viruses and bacteria can contaminate your food or drinks anytime. Let us pay attention to these by looking at the several steps you can apply when you are in Bali.

  1. Beware of consuming ice which is often used to cool your tea or coffee drinks in food places where you can sense that the level of hygiene is quite low. If you want cold water, order bottled packaging, which may be available in many types of variants.
  2. Try to drink bottled mineral water from bottles and buy it at supermarkets that could guarantee the availability of clean and hygienic water.
  3. Use Hand Sanitizer to clean your hands before eating or drinking something.
  4. Try to consume food that is perfectly cooked or if you would like to eat semi-cooked food such as steak or sashimi, make sure to get them at reputable places .
  5. Avoid using tap water to wash your fruit or cutlery,
  6. Use bottled water to rinse your mouth or brush your teeth. Avoid rinsing your mouth with tap water, let alone getting it into your mouth when bathing or cleaning it.

You can apply the tips above while in Bali, and you can adjust some of these tips to the place or location wherever you are. However, what if you still get Bali Belly despite having followed all of the above? How will it be handled?

3 Important Points When Attacked Bali Belly

3 Important Points When Attacked Bali Belly

When you or your family suffer from Bali Belly IV Drip, you can get oral medication or herbal medicines to help with the recovery. This is the most common step which is easy to get. For the first steps in medical treatment, here are the steps below:

  1. Drink a lot of water from bottled mineral water to replace fluids lost from the body due to prolonged vomiting or diarrhea.
  2. Give medicines that can help to stop diarrhea, such as anti-diarrheal medicines that you can buy at the nearest clinic or existing pharmacy.
  3. If you are still feeling dehydrated, immediately consult a doctor for further treatment. When you are examined and the doctor sees that your condition is severely dehydrated, you may need immediate treatment. That’s where an IV drip is given as a faster alternative treatment.

As for herbal medicine, you can drink bitter warm tea. The content of bitter tea is proven to help reduce nausea or bloated feeling that you can experience when suffering from Bali Belly.

How can Bali Belly IV drip help avoid Bali Belly

How can Bali Belly IV drip help avoid Bali Belly?

As previously explained, treatment with an IV Drip could be used when you have Bali Belly.If you really can’t stand the cramp, nausea or if the frequency of your diarrhea is high, the doctor will recommend an IV drip for this Bali Belly IV Drip patient.

Drug administration with the IV Drip method is the same as other medicinal drugs. The process can generally be divided into two types in this Bali belly IV Drip Infusion. Firstly, you will be given liquid that will be flown through the IV cannula. The next step is that you will be given medicines that will be inserted in the saline bag and you will get it directly from the cannula that is already inserted.

From its working system, the Bali Belly IV drip is indeed faster to help recovery, because when the medicine is directed directly to the blood vessels, the medications could work directly at the targeted bacteria. It will work faster and be absorbed optimally compared to the usual oral medication that needs to be digested first and the absorption rate is less than 100%, working slower and less efficiently.

Even though this treatment is somewhat more effective, keep in mind that after it is done, you must rest for at least one day to ensure full recovery. Apart from that, you will be given oral medication to complete the treatment, and you need to drink it according to the doctor’s prescription. When we suffer from Bali Belly, our digestion system is affected and thus we need to eat food that is soft to digest, and not containing a lot of fibre. These are the types of food to have during the recovery process.

Bali Belly is an illness that is often suffered by tourists. So if you want to enjoy your holiday and to make sure it is stress-free, start taking care of yourself, maintain your cleanliness level and prepare certain supplements or medicines to keep your body fit during this time.

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