Bali Belly Uluwatu

Bali Belly Uluwatu

Do you know what Bali Belly Uluwatu is? Of course, as an area, Uluwatu is a familiar place for those of you who have a hobby of travelling. Uluwatu is located in the southern part of the Province of Bali, Indonesia. This tourist area is located in Pecatu Village, South Kuta District. It is a famous tourist destination with a wealth of history and civilization in the past.

One of the famous tourist destinations in Uluwatu is Uluwatu Temple. This temple has a strategic and towering position, so it has become one of the main attractions for domestic and foreign tourists. Besides that, Uluwatu also has other natural beauties, such as Suluban beach, which is surrounded by caves and is definitely attracting many visitors to enjoy the natural sights there.

Apart from all the magnificent attractions, there is a possibility of us falling sick. When in Uluwatu, we may experience illness in our digestive system that is usually called Bali Belly. This could be due to the food we eat are contaminated with bacteria. Do you know what Bali Belly is?

Beli Belly is a disease that could attack tourists who come to Bali.This term can be interpreted as a stomach problem experienced when someone is having a tour in Bali, that is why the term “Bali” and “Belly”. When someone experiences this disease, they will experience digestive disorders, which result in diarrhea, nausea, and could even lead to the person having fever. Why is this happening?

Some of the leading causes for someone getting a Bali Belly are food or drink contamination. The food or drinks that we eat could be contaminated with viruses or bacteria that are harmful to the body. If we eat them, the body will experience digestive disorders. This type of disease is not dangerous, but it can spoil the fun while enjoying a holiday in Bali, especially Uluwatu. Of course all of you visiting Bali will want to avoid this disease at all cost, thus the food consumed is an important thing that must be considered in the first place.

In addition to food or drink, environmental conditions are also essential for us to pay attention to because viral and bacterial contamination can also attack when our surroundings are not clean.

Where is the most common place to get Bali Belly Uluwatu

Where is the most common place to get Bali Belly Uluwatu?

Talking about the Bali Belly Uluwatu, this will be closely related to the environment where you have your activities. When you spend your time having activities in an unclean location, this disease can quickly enter your body. Every place you visit has the potential to infect the Bali Belly Uluwatu, and to make sure you are safe from it, you need to avoid these kinds of places in Uluwatu.

Every area has the potential to have viruses or bacteria to attack your body. It is then very important to know how you manage your body. Uluwatu has various tourist attractions that attract many visitors, such as Uluwatu Temple. When you visit this place, try to avoid touching random objects. Besides preserving the culture, it is also a form of being careful in protecting your body, so you reduce the possibility of getting dirt from unknown surfaces and then get hit by the Bali belly Uluwatu.

For that, let us pay attention to every area we visit because the potential of attack by these bacteria could happen especially to children or adults with weak immunity. It would be nice if you always carry hand sanitizer wherever you go where you can clean your hands regularly.

In addition to the place, you also need to pay attention to the cleanliness of the food being sold. You could try to bring your lunch or buy snacks to accompany your trip, and make sure that you have purchased these from a reputable supermarket that sells clean food products and drinks. It is best to use bottled water for drinking or washing your hands.

Every place you visit has the potential to have harmful bacteria or viruses that in the end could contaminate your food or drinks, or affect you in other ways. So pay attention to the cleanliness of your environment to avoid the occurrence of this Bali belly Uluwatu .

What should I eat and drink when caught Bali Belly Uluwatu

What should I eat and drink when caught Bali Belly Uluwatu?

When visiting Uluwatu or other tourist destinations, you must pay attention to the food or drink consumed because contaminated food or drink will trigger an attack on Bali belly Uluwatu. When you are enjoying the trip there, it is better to bring your own bottled drinks that are guaranteed in cleanliness, while for food, you could bring your snacks or bread just in case you get hungry on the way. Try to avoid buying food or drinks that you are unsure about its cleanliness.

After you enjoy giving offerings at Uluwatu Temple, you can enjoy lunch or dinner at restaurants around Uluwatu. Try to find a restaurant of your choice that can guarantee the cleanliness of the dishes they prepare. And after enjoying the trip, always clean your hands using a hand sanitizer, and always have a few bottles ready to keep your hands clean.

3 Treatment Steps to Cure Bali Belly Uluwatu

3 Treatment Steps to Cure Bali Belly Uluwatu

Paying attention to what you eat and drink is a smart way to avoid contracting Bali belly disease, but what if you still get it? Or is one of your family members experiencing Bali belly Uluwatu? Then you can follow the steps below to help treat it:

  1. The first step is to have plenty of drinking water intake. Generally, when a person experiences nausea or diarrhea, a symptom of a Bali Belly Uluwatu, a lot of fluid will be excreted from the body. This means we will need a lot of water intake to restore the lost body fluids.
  2. If you feel that the initial steps have not been successful, then immediately take diarrhea medicine which you can get at the nearest pharmacy or clinic. Administering anti diarrhea medicine will help to stop the diarrhea and keep your body from experiencing dehydration.
  3. When the oral medication does not work well, you need to go to the nearest doctor or clinic for a direct examination by the doctor. The doctor will check what you ate before so that it will be easier to find the most suitable medicine to cure it.

These three steps can help you treat a patient affected by this Bali Belly Uluwatu. Please note that when talking about medical intervention, two types of treatment can help you. The first is an oral medicine from the clinic, or you can use herbal medicine to help your recover from it. You could consume bitter tea, processed ginger or turmeric, and so on.

Travel must be thoroughly enjoyed, and save your vacation time by avoiding experiencing Bali Belly Uluwatu. This disease can be easily avoided if your environment is clean. Start with yourself, pay attention to the trash you throw away, and don’t pollute your environment with bad habits that will harm your health.

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