Fighting Hangover With B Vitamins

Fighting Hangover With B Vitamins

You may be aware that alcohol is a diuretic – it increases urine production, and you will lose many vitamins and nutrients. In turn, people combat this by increasing their vitamin B complex intake and, as much as possible, having more vitamin B12 as it improves the brain and nervous system, especially after a hangover.

To explain further, the high amount of alcohol intake leads to B vitamin deficiency, causing a series of memory and mood disorders and low motivation and energy. For those occasional drinkers, the decreasing amount of B vitamin could lead to brain fog – lower attention span and concentration.

Thus, regular and once-off drinkers must maintain their B vitamin levels to prevent circulatory issues and brain chemical deficiencies. In short, at any instance, drinking alcohol will take away vitamins in our bodies. When it takes away B vitamins, it is alarming as your liver will need these to detox effectively. Supplementing B vitamins after consuming alcohol, or even before, could aid in hangover prevention and replenish the number of B vitamins our bodies need.

In Saline Bali, our IV therapy includes B vitamins that will help restore your vitamin loss and will aid in bringing back normal functions of your brain and nervous system. Apart from B vitamins, we also include Vitamin C and multivitamins combined for your speedy hangover recovery.

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