The Roles of Vitamin C in Skin Health

The Roles of Vitamin C in Skin Health

Our skin is a significant part of our body, and we need to keep it healthy; it’s the bridge between the external environment and our inner body system. Its appearance bears solid truth about our health in general. As we may know, our skin protects us from unwanted chemical threats, UV radiation, and dehydration. One of the things that our skin needs are Vitamin C. The lack of Vitamin C could make our skin fragile and slow wound healing. The high amount of Vitamin C in the skin means that our skin has good collagen formation and antioxidant protection. In collagen formation, it serves as the supporting factor to stabilize the collagen tertiary structure and gene expression. As an antioxidant, it neutralizes oxidants in pollutants or UV radiation. You can also find that Vitamin C increases the migration of dermal fibroblasts for effective wound healing. As much as we want to protect our skin, we still face challenges that deteriorate its function, such as aging – skin loses its elasticity, chemical and UV exposures – such as sunburn, which causes redness, swelling, heat, and injuries. With all the benefits mentioned above, Vitamin C has a vital role in protecting our skin in facing these challenges. The collagen formation and the building skin resistance to UV exposure have shown us how having enough Vitamin C is really important for our skin health, which in turn gives us the optimal overall health level too.

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